Plastic and other pollution

Every year, millions of tons of plastic end up in our ocean and rivers. However, plastics are only one type of pollution driving the decline in the health of our global ocean. The ocean is also threatened by eutrophication (nutrient load), sediment load, light pollution, marine resource extraction, noise, and chemical pollution.

IUCN is addressing the triple planetary crisis of pollution, biodiversity loss, and climate change and making a difference through science, policy, and projects which provide holistic solutions and resources to restore and revitalise our planet and our ocean.

IUCN is solution oriented

To better understand the extent of plastic and other pollution affecting our planet, IUCN is solution oriented.  By producing research, technical and policy guidance, economic analysis, circular economic models, and programmatic action, the efforts of IUCN provide hope for a healthier planet. 

Roughly 70%

of plastic pollution sinks to the ocean floor

25 countries

IUCN has implemented plastic pollution solutions around the globe

The End Plastic Pollution International Collaborative (EPPIC) seeks to galvanize global action on plastic pollution by supporting projects around the world to make the full lifecycle of plastic more sustainable, starting with efforts to change the design and use of plastic products. 

EPPIC is beginning to build on existing partnerships and networks that have been established in the regions. Technical experts from EPPIC’s initial partner organizations have worked with NGOs and businesses on real-world plastic circularity solutions, developed national plastic inventories in collaboration with governments, convened and facilitated knowledge networks across diverse stakeholder platforms, delivered plastic policy at global and national levels, and promoted innovative action through prizes and grants.

EPPIC convenes governments, business, civil society, philanthropies, and others to have reach and create opportunities that no single philanthropy, NGO, company, or national government could create on its own.

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Story | 20 September, 2023
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