Sustainable Dryland Landscapes in Africa & the Middle East

Jordan was selected as one of three country sites where this global project will be implemented; namely Kenya and Burkina Faso. The three-year-project,aiming at greater policy implementation in support of Sustainable Land Management in the drylands of participating countries. 

The project plans to raise awareness to identify investment priorities at local and national levels and to build partnerships for Sustainable Land Management (SLM) scale up at international level.

The project will provide an assessment of sustainably managed drylands showing location and extent and identifying factors in sustainable management. It will also evaluate the multiple benefits of SLM and identify the investment options and investors.

  • Implemented by: IUCN Regional Office for West Asia (ROWA)
  • Funded by: The Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA)
  • In cooperation with: The Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Jordan Badia Research and Development Program and the Royal Scientific Society