SSC Internship Grant

Applications for the SSC Internship Grant are now closed. Stay tuned for the next round in June 2024.

How to apply

Preparation of the proposal

Step 1: SSC Chairs and members may identify activities/projects for 2023-2024 that require staff support and are aligned with their targets. Please, note that each SSC group can submit ONE application only per round.
Step 2: Check with the SSC groups’ chairs if they have uploaded the targets for 2021-2025 and 2021/ 2022 results within the SSC DATA Information System. Applications from SSC Groups that have not uploaded their results to SSC DATA will not be accepted.
Step 3: Verify that the proposed project/activity clearly contributes to an uploaded target. The target in the proposal must MATCH the target in the SSC DATA Information System.
Step 4: Review and prepare the SSC Internship Grant Proposal Template.

Applications will be received from June 19th 2023 to July 24th 2023–11:59 PM (GMT-4) Caracas, Venezuela.

Step 5: Submit your proposal by completing the SSC Internship Grant Proposal Template. All sections are mandatory and cannot be deleted. Applications must be submitted through the following [Application form]
Step 6: Once the application is submitted through the Google form, please send the proposal by email to Mayerlin Ramos (

Evaluation process after July 24th 2023

Step 7: The SSC Chair’s Office evaluation team will start the evaluation process. If possible, the chair and supervisor of the project will be contacted to clarify, verify or provide any additional information.
Step 8: Selected proposals will be announced in late September 2023 by email and through the SSC Internship Grant website here and via email.

Reporting process

Step 9: Selected groups will be required to prepare and submit a narrative progress report (for projects longer than 12 months) and a final narrative and financial report as a funding requirement. 
Step 10: The SSC Group chairs and the focal points of the project will receive detailed information on the requirements and templates to be used for the reports once they are selected. The SSC Chair's Office will use the information provided in the reports to highlight project results in the official communication channels. The project’s Focal Point is expected to assist in the development of this material and provide the necessary audio visual material.


For further information, please contact Mayerlin Ramos.