Market policy and legislative Development for mainstreaming sustainable management of marine and coastal ecosystems in Lebanon

The Ministry of Environment (MoE) in Lebanon, with the support of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as an executing agency and key stakeholders, seeks to conserve and protect marine and coastal biodiversity through policy and legal reforms, enhanced stakeholder participation and mainstreaming biodiversity priorities into national plans and programs.

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This project aims at creating an enabling integrated framework for sustainable management and conservation of coastal and marine biodiversity and at mainstreaming the priorities of this biodiversity into national plans, and coastal zone management plans, with particular focus on the impact of climate change on marine and coastal biodiversity. This project will provide an opportunity to coordinate with regional initiatives to address gaps in assessments, and seek sustainable and economically viable policy and technological options for the protection of key marine and coastal biodiversity to be included in coastal zone management plans, marine protected area plans and integrated into national plans.


The main activities of this project include:

  • Identification of threats to marine and coastal biodiversity in Lebanon.
  • Reviewing the existing policy and legislative tools.
  • Assessing the non-compliance causes.
  • Developing recommendations for legal reforms and law enforcement mechanisms.
  • Developing capacity building programs.
  • Identification of climate change impacts and adaptation measures.

It will also compile results of previous studies and identify the needs to fulfill the national and regional objectives and international obligations. It is therefore in line with and complements the objectives of the completed and ongoing projects and plans. Additionally, the project will enhance stakeholder and public participation in all its activities and creates a healthy atmosphere for the conservation of marine and coastal biodiversity in Lebanon

  • Funded by: Global Environment facility (GEF)
  • Implemented by: UN Environment
  • Executed by: The Lebanese Ministry of Environment & IUCN ROWA.