AlUla Protected Areas Network (APAN)

In collaboration with the Royal Commission for Albula (RCU), IUCN is dedicated to safeguarding the natural heritage of AlUla County and achieving international conservation standards. This project aims to establish a network of protected areas that adhere to best practices, ensuring equitable governance and effective management.

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AlUla, Saudi Arabia

By 2024, our goal is to create a well-connected system of protected and conserved areas known as AlUla PAN, delivering tangible benefits for both people and biodiversity. This initiative aligns with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 and contributes to the strategic development of AlUla, promoting successful nature conservation, ecosystem restoration, and sustainable use. Through collaboration with RCU partners, we will share lessons and successful approaches globally and regionally, emphasizing the significance of AlUla's natural assets and addressing key threats to its biodiversity. Our commitment is to promote equitable and ecologically sustainable use of natural resources, fostering a world-class system of protected areas that offers authentic tourism experiences. The project focuses on the following objectives:

  1. Establishing a comprehensive legal framework to enable diverse governance and effective management of protected and conserved areas.
  2. Leading the strategic design and implementation of the AlUla Protected and Conserved Areas Network (AlUla PAN), ensuring the interconnectedness of various protected areas.
  3. Making notable progress in ecosystem rehabilitation efforts, including species reintroductions and habitat restoration.
  4. Implementing tailored technology solutions to enhance the management and monitoring of protected and conserved areas.
  5. Conducting robust capacity development initiatives to empower project stakeholders in nature conservation and protected areas management.
  6. Adopting and implementing effective management practices to ensure the preservation and sustainability of protected and conserved areas.


Project implemented and executed by: IUCN ROWA.

Project Funded by: Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU).


Projects Achievements:

  • Supporting the development of the IUCN Green List site and gap assessment tool, which is a software that helps benchmarking of protected and conserved areas against the Green List criteria and indicators.
  • The Ibex Green List benchmarking tool has been applied for the first time in West Asia for 6 protected areas in AlUla through the APAN Project.
  • Defining the proposed IUCN management categories for AlUla protected areas through a consultation process with RCU.
  • Preparing Standard Operation Procedures for management Planning in accordance with IUCN’s management planning guidelines and the IUCN Green List Standard.
  • Conducting a system wide biodiversity, socio-economic and threat assessment to guide the management planning process of AlUla PAs.

The Green List Software Tool in AlUla

To access the The Green List Software Tool in AlUla, find the links below 

IUCN Tool for Windows setup

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