Towards Sustainable Management of the Mujib River Basin

The project aims to implement integrated river basin management  in the Mujib River Basin as a pilot model in the country for other basins to follow in the future.  Which is considered a feasibility stage, the project will aim to establish an informal Mujib River Basin Platform and establish the foundation for a transition of this into a formal Mujib River Basin Commission.

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The project is divided into three strategies that will collectively provide the basis for the IRBM implementation in Mujib.

  1. The first strategy will focus on compiling all available information about the basin, which is mostly scattered with different entities and stakeholders, and updating some of it if necessary. Creating links between these pieces of knowledge in order to provide a comprehensive and collective analysis and understanding of the situation in the basin.
  2. The second strategy focuses principally on stakeholder engagement and building bridges between the various entities and stakeholders that haven influence and are being influenced by the resource management, including water, in the Mujib basin. These include GOs, NGOs, local communities (farmers, livestock owners etc.). This will lead into the establishment of the informal Mujib River Basin Platform (MRBP).
  3. The third strategy would build on the previous two strategies and would work to integrating the environmental flow concept into the management principles of the entire basin.
  • Funded by: MAVA foundation.
  • Executed by: IUCN ROWA and partners