WCPA Publications

Our vision is to support WCPA and the broader conservation community through the production of timely, high quality, accessible publications that provide solid guidance on the establishment and management of protected and conserved areas.

Our Publication Types:

  • IUCN WCPA Good Practice Guidelines on Protected and Conserved Areas Series — Guidelines developed from widespread consultation on global practices.
  • IUCN WCPA Issues Paper Series—Concise and topical papers that address policies, challenges, and PCA management approaches.
  • IUCN WCPA Technical Report Series — Tools, specific guidance, and overviews.
  • IUCN WCPA Technical Note Series — Short, explanatory briefings on specific technical and policy issues.
  • IUCN WCPA Natural Solutions Briefings — Factsheets on the various ecosystem services PCAs provide in relation to specific issues. No longer producing publications for this series.

Our Scientific Journal:

PARKS — Peer-reviewed, online and open-access journal. Published twice a year.

Some of our Key Publications and Work: