Protected Areas, Biodiversity & World Heritage Programme

The Protected Areas, Biodiversity & World Heritage programme with its three thematic areas works in harmony to help ecosystems to be resilient and continue to provide services to secure the variety of life in West Asia.

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Protected Areas and Biodiversity in Lebanon

The Protected Areas programme helps to conserve key elements of biodiversity, plays a significant role in social and economic development, and embodies many practical approaches to participatory and collaborative management.

The World Heritage Initiative in the Arab States region aligns with the IUCN's Global World Heritage Programme. Its objective is to strengthen the role of the World Heritage Convention in safeguarding global biodiversity and to utilize its mechanisms effectively for the conservation and management of natural World Heritage sites.

The Biodiversity and Business programme aims to engage the business sector in the global movement towards biodiversity nature conservation.

For more information about the programme, kindly contact:

Mrs Natalia BOULAD – Programme Manager